Thursday, February 26, 2009

Biggest Mistakes in Online Marketing Starting Soon!

Good morning, folks. Last time I wrote to you, I promised
to begin a series on the Biggest Mistakes in Online
Marketing. Today, we start with a little homework
assignment to prepare you for the series.

In preparation for reviewing this invaluable material, I
suggest you spend some time during your coffee break to sit
down in front of your computer and visit your own web site.
Look at it through the eyes of your visitors, and then try
answering these simple questions:

- Does your text tell a good story?

- Does your web site generate new leads and business for

- How often do you update your web site?

- Does your web site have a prominent position in the
search engines?

- Do you look at your competitors’ web sites?

In the days ahead, I’ll be sending you a series of emails
that will help you to answer these questions and begin to
explore the best practices for online marketing.

And if you would like to put your web site in a position of
prominence on the search engines, please drop me a line. I
have a solution that will help your site get found on the
Internet for only $250/month -- that's dirt cheap to be
found on Google and over 900 partner sites. Rates will be
going up in April, so act now to lock in this low monthly
rate for the year.

Lastly, my rates are going up, too! My hourly rates are rising
from $100.00/hour to $150.00/hour to bring me more in line
with my peers. For years I've been the cheapest guy, giving
away the farm when it comes to quality and value. It's time
to play with the big boys.

What does this mean to you? If you've been hedging,
straddling the fence over whether to utilize my services
for everything from a new web site to a new sales letter or
coaching, now is the time to act before my rates goes up
April 1, 2009.

What do I do that's different from everyone else you may
consider working with? It's simple really. When you hire me
to create your web presence, you will receive a turnkey
solution for one price that includes all of the following:

- A web site design
- Sales copy and written content
- Integrated lead generation/newsletter subscription
- Custom contact form
- Rotating testimonials and pictures
- Integrated slide shows and video presentations
- Blogs
- Forums
- Shopping carts
- Integrated ecommerce
- Full content management system so you can maintain your
site without dependency on me or other third parties
- Full documentation for the content management system
- Web hosting
- Competitive analysis
- Search engine optimization

Few of my competitors have my depth and breadth of
experience: 25 years in marketing including traditional
print, online/email, and cable television and radio.

I've been the director of marketing for three Fortune
companies: WilTel, WorldCom and TV Guide. These companies
trusted me with their billion dollar brands. Surely, you
can, too.

Few of my competitors have my education: a B.A. and M.A. in
Creative Writing, and my work has been published worldwide
including over 100 web sites, newsletters with over 1500
subscribers, and I have even been published in a collection
of essays between the works of Stephen King and Woody Allen!

So I urge you to act now. There is still some space
available in March, but it tends to close up very quickly.

OK, now do your homework, and next time we will begin the
lessons on best practices for online marketing.

Until next time,


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Copyright Infringement

Good afternoon folks, and I hope all is well on your side
of the monitor. Been busy this month. Don't know if that's
because it is a short month or because of business itself.
February is a bit of an enigma.

So what do you do when a new business prospect takes
advantage of you? I was pitching a new client and provided
a proposal. I typically charge for these proposals because
they provide very thorough analysis of a prospect's
existing web site and marketing efforts. In this case, I
did not charge because the prospect was a friend of another

The next thing I knew the prospect implemented all of my
recommended changes on his own (badly). To make matters worse, he
lifted my bio from my corporate web site and placed it on
his own site to use as his own bio. If you are not familiar
with my bio, this is what he appropriated:

"For the past two decades, Steven Schneiderman has been
speaking to and entertaining audiences ranging in size from
a few dozen people to crowds of over one thousand.

Steven is an upbeat speaker who uses magic and humorous
story-telling to get his points across. He is comfortable
speaking about a vast number of subjects ranging from
technology and sales and marketing strategies to human
relations skills and creative writing techniques.

During his lifetime, he has survived five car wrecks and
been held up at gunpoint four times. This gives Steven a
unique perspective on life and a fascinating personal
testimony about his faith in God."

Not everyone can make those claims, so it looked rather silly
on his site. When I approached him, he acted like there was
nothing wrong. Until I threatened to shut him down for
copyright violations.

I don't get it.

Then he asked if I was still interested in his business.

Not for twice the price, mack.

On the lighter side, my nine (and a half!) year old son
served as an usher this weekend in our church and loved
every minute of it. It's teaching him to serve others and
helping to build confidence in his people skills. He did an
exceptional job in his little suit, and we're very proud of

I also participated in a local seminar and presented "The
Biggest Mistakes in Online Marketing". I'm going to start
covering this material in the weeks ahead, so keep an eye
out for my emails. You'll want to print and save this
series of observations and recommendations. Worth their
weight in gold.

Lastly, I want you to remember that your web site is only
working for you when it can be found on the search engines.
If you are invisible on page one or even page two, you are
missing traffic and business.

If you are paying for search engine optimization services
or playing the Google AdWords game, you are spending a lot
of time and money fruitlessly.

There is a less expensive way to get found.

For $250.00/month, you can receive prominence on Google and
over 900 other web sites. Drop me a line to learn more about
it. I know you will like it.

Until next time,

Steven Schneiderman

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The ducks ...

Good afternoon readers. Spring is almost here. How do I

The ducks.

You see, ever since we moved into our home in 1999, there
is a pair of ducks that suddenly appear in our swimming
pool. They frolic and make love, and in a few months they
bring their babies for a swim before they fly off.

Frankly, I didn't know a duck in the wild could live this
long, but apparently this couple mated for life and love
our pool.

Sure enough, yesterday I looked out at the rising sun and
saw the ducks doing their thing. I used to shield my
children's eyes, but now that they are 12 and 9, I figure
they've seen enough TV shows on Discovery to understand
what's going on. They point and smile and laugh.

So the ducks are back and Spring is almost here and I'm

Now here's a quick exercise for you ...

Go to Google and type in 'Tulsa copywriter" and see what
you get. I should pop up around the second organic position
on the left side of the search results.

People kill for this type of visibility and awareness and
ranking. Most people are clueless about how to accomplish
this. I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

Just kidding.

The truth is I got lucky by making a simple tweak to my web
page, but that tweak didn't get me prominence for my other
related domains including,, or Why?

Because unless you are going to spend endless hours and
dollars constantly tweaking your web pages, you could be
seen today and gone tomorrow.

And folks, when you aren't showing up in the search
engines, you are virtually invisible to your target

If your site is not popping up organically in a prominent
position, I can help with a new service that will allow you
to achieve a good position in the sponsored area of Google,
Ask, AOL and over 900 other partner sites.

I will work with you to select the most appropriate
keywords and to help you select up to 50 zipcodes to target
business opportunities in your own backyard.

Because it's all about targeting local prospects and
customers in your own backyard.

The cost is a low $250.00/month and you may cancel at any
time. At this rate, you can't afford not to try it.

If you have a web site, drop me a line to discuss this and
get started right away,

All my best,


Monday, February 16, 2009

Get Found Right NoW!

Good evening. I hope all is well with you and yours. I
apologize for being out of touch these past two weeks, but
business unexpectedly picked up, and I found myself working
24/7. In this economy, that's a good thing, and I am
grateful for the prosperity. Still, you need to take time
to stop and smell the roses, so this weekend my wife and I
decided that rather than go out for a Valentine's Day date,
we would instead spend the time together with our children.

We went to the movies to see Pink Panther 2. Having grown
up on Peter Sellers, it is sometimes difficult for me to
see anyone else but him in the role. All in all, Steve
Martin was very funny, and we all laughed ourselves silly.
What made it even better was that I used my Discover Card
Rewards and the movie and popcorn didn't cost a dime. Of
course, the soda pop cost me $17.00. Amazing. I could get a
couple of cases of Coke for what I paid for those four
medium pops.

This weekend my wife and I chose to serve others at our
church, helping out with a new drive to make our church
more friendly to new guests. I had helped to develop the
new "brand" for this outreach program, so I needed to step
up my game and volunteer. I was a greeter at the front door
while my wife greeted people in the parking lot. It was
freezing. My hands were numb for 30 minutes. Guess it's
part of getting old, but it was still fun and nice to be on
the other side of the door for a change.

As I say, business continues to come and find me in the
most unusual ways and at the most unexpected times. About a
month ago, I was searching for a web site of a local
Christian life coach. I knew his first name was Dave, but
could not remember his last name. I came up with Fowler and
looked up Dave Fowler on Sure enough, he
existed and is a life coach in Tulsa and also involved in
various matters of faith.

I asked a friend about Dave Fowler, and he told me the guy
I wanted was named Dave Jewitt. Sure enough, I visited Dave
Jewitt's site and found what I was looking for. I forgot
about Dave Fowler until two weeks later ...

There I was sitting in a local Panera Bread having a
meeting with a local TV station -- I'm running a TV
campaign for a client. As the TV rep was leaving, the guy
sitting at the table behind me comes over to introduce
himself. He said he felt compelled to listen to my
conversation and commended me on my negotiation skills. He
said he wanted to learn more about me and I asked his name.
Guess what?

It was David Fowler -- the same guy whose name I came up
with out of the blue that I had found on LinkedIn.

Is that spooky or what?

I immediately told Dave all about himself and he freaked
out that I knew anything about him at all. Then I explained
how his name came to me a few weeks back, and well, the rest
is history.

Dave and I are now working together on a few projects and
have become good friends.

It is truly amazing the way God brings people into your
life if you are listening.

Now, are you listening?

Normally, I'd end here, but I want to begin to tell you
about one of the project that Dave and I are working on.

For some of you, there will no interest. That's fine.

But for those of you who may have recently lost a job or
lost considerable retirement savings or perhaps are simply
in fear of losing your job, please come closer to the
screen as I have something important to share with you.

For years I have run in the other direction of network
marketing. I have no desire to sell Mona Vie or health
supplements or Southern Living or any of those other
consumer oriented products. I only know one person who
became wealthy as a result of being in network marketing.
Everybody else lost their shirts and wound up with a closet
full of useless, over-priced products.

David introduced me to something new. A pure business to
business network marketing opportunity which provides a
low-cost service that every single business in the world
wants and needs.

To learn more, please visit our site here:

If you want to learn more, please use the form at the
bottom of that page.

David or I will contact you to explain the opportunity at
length and also to share our vision.

This could be the beginning of something big, and I'd love
for you to be part of it.

All my best,


P.S.: If you want to sign up as a free Account Executive,
you can go here right now:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vision Lost - Vision Regained

Good morning, folks. It's been about 2 weeks since my last
email, and I apologize for the delay. I try to write once
or twice a week, but I've had my head down trying to muscle
my way through a bunch of projects, including some potential
new business ventures.

I don't know about you, but when I wake up in the morning
(and I'm not a morning person at all), it takes me a while
to get going. I wish I could be more like my 9 and a half
year old son, Christian, who wakes up happy, smiling and
peppy every single ding-dong day.

No matter what may have happened the day before, Christian
forgets about it, and starts all over again. To him, each
day is a new beginning, and I sure could learn a lesson
from him.

My days tend to start the same -- I wake up at 6-6:30 am
and plop down in front of my laptop to read emails while my
kids get ready for school. I hate this part of the day
because I notice it takes my eyes longer to focus than
usual. I'm not sure if this is a result of recently turning
50 or sleep deprivation from working too hard to make ends meet.

My eyes are so blurry in the morning, and no amount of
rubbing or washing them seems to help. So I sit there in
the dark, with my laptop, trying to read my email, with
glasses on, with glasses off, rubbing my eyes, and moving
closer and closer to the screen. It sucks.

Anyway, I just get so frustrated dealing with my poor vision.
I get aggravated. And that mood tends to set the tone for
my mornings. And this is not good when you are facing
Christian's bright, happy personality. I don't want to be
happy. I want to be angry and brew a little bit.

It takes time for the mood to pass. Usually we''l go out to
meet the school bus early, I'll sit down on a large stone
at the top of our walkway, and he plops down in my lap,
throws his arms around me and we "chat".

It's hard to stay angry and moody with him in my lap,
smiling at me, hugging me, kissing me. It immediately
transforms me.

I become a new man.

I become a better man.

I become the man my boy sees as the "greatest Dad in the

And I become that much closer to the man God wants me to

What about you?

How does your day start? Do you let early morning
frustrations and unexpected events set the tone for your
day? How do you turn it around? How do you flip it and make
lemonade out of lemons?

Until next time,

Steven Schneiderman