Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You Prepared?

Howdy, friends. Depending upon where you are in the U.S., you
stand a good chance of being iced and snowed in over the next 72
hours. My old stomping grounds in The Big Apple have already had
their fair share of bad weather and it looks like after it hits
us with 10-15 inches of ice and snow it will keep going in their

They say this is the going to be one of those perfect storms
where a system from the north will mix with a system from the
south causing ice, snow, and even tornadoes. How do you see a
tornado in a snow storm? Heck, I couldn't even get a spare snow
shovel at Home Depot this morning. Hopefully, "Old Trusty" will
last another storm.

I do have plenty of salt and sand, but my driveway slopes down
steeply and my street is like a bottom of a fishbowl. Once you
get down, you may never get back up again or even get out of the
addition. We live on a hill and about the only way to get out of
here is to drive in reverse up the hill and then flaw it to get
out of the fishbowl. The only problem is if you can't stop,
you'll slide head-on into traffic as you get to the end of the

I also stocked up on canned goods and dry goods just in case the
power goes out. Back in 2009, we got hit with an ice storm that
immobilized us for days with no power and no heat. They are
forecasting lots of ice, and I have lots of trees with limbs I
should have cut off before the Fall.

See where I am going with this?

It pays to be prepared.

I'm not talking Boy Scout level preparedness. I'm talking about
knowing changes are coming your way and making intelligent
choices for how to respond to those changes.

The economy is still moving slowly. You knew it was going to be
this way for some time. How are you responding? If you are out of
work or under-employed, how have you decided to respond? If your
business is flat or floundering, how are you planning to respond?
How are you going to survive?

Look, I don't have any fast, slick answers. Sometimes I feel like
I am barely hanging on myself. But the bottom line is you can't
stand there, looking at the headlights, wondering if you should
stand still or run. You have to do something. Inaction is not a
choice. Inaction is death.

I just got off the phone with someone who wanted to know more
about affiliate marketing. He wanted to know more, but didn't want
to get in over his head. He could use a passive revenue flow.
What about you? Here's what I told him.

Figure out what you enjoy doing -- what's your hobby, where does
your subject matter expertise lie, what do you do for a living,
what are you passionate about?

Once you have your list, you need to search for products or
services in those niches on Google and see if any of them offer
an affiliate program. You can also search on or There are also many affiliate program
directories to choose from.

Review the products and services that pay the highest referrals.
If you really like what you see, consider purchasing them. You
will be in a much better position to recommend a product or
service that you actually use and like.

Then go to and create a free blog. Start writing
about your passion and then recommend a related product or
service with each blog entry and be sure to include your
affiliate link!

Write some related articles and post them online with links back
to your blog.

Compile several blog articles into an ebook and offer it for free
download or sell it cheap for $7.00. Either way, use it to build
a mailing list. Send out updates to the list about new products
and services and always include your affiliate links.

This is a good start. It's how most of us got started a long time
ago, and it all still works. Not overnight, but over time. And
nothing will make you smile more then when you receive your first
affiliate check.

Well, I've decided to take a snow day -- possibly a snow week --
and I want to make your day a little warmer by offering you a "2
for 1" deal.

Go to and pick any two products you want.
Pay the higher price and receive the second product for free.

There are some exceptional tools there and many come with
reseller rights (not all, so be selective if you are looking
specifically for reseller tools). Just send me an email with the
two products you want, and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Upon
receipt of payment, I will send you the download pages.

Now go build a snowman or have a snowball fight.

All my best,


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your 2011 Plans Should Include a Membership Site!

Good evening. Fellow Tulsans woke up to a thin blanket of snow
this morning, and instantly the schools closed and people stayed
home from work. Less than an inch! Whew!

Well, the new year has started. Do you have a plan for success?
What are you going to do differently this year? If you don't
change your tactics and goals, then you can pretty much expect to
find yourself in the same place at the beginning of next year.
Nope. Same old, same old ain't gonna work. Especially in these
trying economic times.

So in most cases, most plain folk either lost a job, were
downsized, had to settle for less, or started a business of their
own to either replace income or start a new living. For over 25
years I have consulted even when I was fully employed -- just to have
a parachute -- extra funds for the unexpected or something we
desired that might normally be outside of our reach.

No matter what your present position, your future position should
include something to generate additional revenue. Now in the past
I have discussed the merits of the standard approaches including
affiliate and reseller marketing. I have challenged you to
develop your own products and publish your own ebooks.

Today I want to make a somewhat radical departure and ask you to
think bigger. Create a membership site. Why?

Simply put, if you can create a membership site targeted at a
specific niche -- and provide incredible value to your members
month after month -- then they will stick with you for a long
time. Can you get rich with a membership site. You betcha.

I have a friend who had developed a membership site with a
monthly membership of $67/month. With 300 members he generated
over $20K/month. I could live on that, what about you? Then when
he got tired of the business he sold it for $70K. Yeah, good
membership sites can always be resold for a hefty profit like any
other investment that accrues in value over time.

Now I'm not going to try to teach you everything you need to know
about membership sites. But I came across a great ebook called
Drip Feed Cash which explains the best practices of membership
sites and how to get moving on creating your own. It's a well
written 80+ page ebook and you can grab it for the no-brainer
price of only $7.00 (reseller rights for only $27.00):

Do yourself a favor and invest $7.00 and read this ebook tonight.
You will get plenty of ideas for developing your own membership
site. Then if you need help implementing, just drop me a line at

Until next time,


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a New Year! Got a Plan?

Howdy all and I hope this year is starting off with a whiz-bang
for ya. Lord knows, most of us are happy to kiss 2010 goodbye and
have high, high hopes for a killer 2011. Let's face it: anything
has got to be better than last year. Between the economy and the
politics, I don't know which was more sickening.

So did you make your New Year's resolutions ... and did you break
them yet? My list of things to change and things to do grows each
passing year. I carryover items left undone or incomplete from
the previous year. Seems like I am falling behind my own personal
goals: lose weight, write more, read scripture more, spend more
time in thought, breathe easier, stop sweating the small stuff,
remember there's much out of my control, be slower to anger, be
more patient with the kids ... seems the list never ends. What
about you?

You know, this is the time of year companies and individuals
begin to either write strategic plans for the year ahead or begin
to implement plans written last quarter. Do you have a plan for
2011? What are you doing differently? Remember the definition of
insanity: doing the same thing but expecting different results.
If you are going to break new ground in either your business or
career or in areas of personal growth, then you need a plan, and it
better be a more realistic plan than you had in prior years.

I think 2011 is a year for opportunity. Many companies became
invisible in 2010 by pulling in their marketing and ad dollars.
They stopped advertising in all the usual places in favor of new
social media. How's that decision working for a lot of these
people? It isn't. Their customers have forgotten about them.
There's been no branding, no messaging, no nothing. Just worthless
friending and tweeting.

If you live in a city where some of your competitors became invisible
last year, then now is the time to kick your own marketing and
advertising up a notch. Now is the time to laser target new
markets and go after your competitors' best customers. Whatever
you do, don't just stand there, do SOMETHING! Mobilize now.

One thing you can do is make your web site more compelling. How?
Update your content and give your site a face lift. This need not
be an exercise in futility. If you sell widgets go search for
widgets in Google and see where you turn up. Then go check the
top ten competitors who show up on page one search results. Then
make notes about their sales messages and graphics. Look at what
they are doing right and wrong. Peek at their HTML code and look
at their META tags. Go do some research using Google's Keyword
Tool and if you haven't implemented Google Analytics on your site
yet, stop belly aching and add it to your web site. Then start
tracking and testing changes to your content and appearance.

Here's some products that crossed my desk last week that are
affordable and useful in helping you to create a more visually
appealing web site:

Easy 3D Icon Maker - Version 2.0

This all new PhotoShop tool is a collection of professionally
designed icons, styles and 2D to 3D transformations. Together --
along with some video tutorials -- you can add some real
sex-appeal to your web site transforming logos, icons, and
elements from boring 2D to eye-blazing 3D.

PSD Blowout

All I can say is "Wow!" Now you can leverage the power and
strength of one of the web's best graphic designers and most
respected Internet marketers. Whenever this guy designs and
launches a new products, it sells. Now you can put his genius and
skill to work for your own web site and products and services. He
is providing you with over 20 design packages for a range of
niches, and with a little PhotoShop customization you can create
killer header graphics, product shots, buttons and more.

1009 Web Page Graphics Pack

This is an inexpensive collection of ready to customize graphics
ranging from buttons, to gift cards, to certificates and more.
Very unusual and beautifully crafted artwork ready to be
customized with your favorite graphic tool.

Well, it's time to start taking action. If you need help planning
for 2011, or have plans but need help implementing, then please
give me a call at 9188105233 or drop me an email at I'd love to help you attain new heights of
success in 2011.

All my best,


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