Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ativa HD Digital Video Camera, Premium Header Graphics, Domains for Sale

Greetings, my friends, and I hope all is well on your side of the
screen. Rather than fill your mailbox with junk, I held off until
I had something more meaningful to say ... so here goes ...

I'm working with a few new authors who have written ebooks. I'm
handling their ebook conversion to PDF files, designing their
ebook covers and mini site, writing their sales letters,
ecommerce enabling their site, and in some cases, also writing
their email series (plugging it into their autoresponder and web
site), writing their press release and articles, and helping with
search engine optimization, too!

I like these types of projects because they maximize my
involvement and skill set, so I bring lots of value to the table
and always over-deliver. If you have an ebook, video series
or software tool you need help marketing, please drop me a
line. I can do everything for you at a reasonable price.

I've mentioned in a previous email that I have a special project
in the works that can help many of you to get started generating
some online income or enhance your existing income by adding
another revenue stream.

Reseller marketing is a great way to make money. You buy
someone's product along with the right to resell
that product and pocket 100% of the cash. This saves you the time
and cost of developing your own product, and enables you to get
started and test the waters quickly and easily.

Our new reseller membership site will feature all original
products developed by me and my ace developer, Adeel Arshad, and
will include ebooks, software and other great products. We are
putting the finishing touches on the first 4 monthly releases and
will then launch the membership site this summer. You'll pay a
very affordable low monthly membership fee and receive one new
product every month, along with a reseller site and promotional
tools including a keyword list, email series, articles, and
banner ads. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get started.
Watch for more info about our launch in the weeks ahead.

Well, I picked up a new toy -- an Ativa HD 1080p Digital Video
Flip Camera. I had my eye on this for about a year, but held off
until my Office Depot quarterly rewards arrived. They sent me a
gift card for $94.00 and the camera cost $99.00! Cool beans. Great
deal. Wonderful camera. Read the review here:


A new collection of header graphics has crossed my desk, and it's
a great collection. Very well done and eye-catching. If you
design your own sites or sites for others, you'll want to add
this low cost, high quality collection right away. They come with
fully layered PSD files allowing you to customize them any way
you want. Read more here:


I've also decided to test the waters once again to see if I can sell
off some of my domains. The first one is available for sale on
Flippa.com here:


If you are interested in my list of domains for sale, here they


Some of these are active sites with their own content while
others are currently being redirected to other sites. All get
good unique traffic, so check them out and contact me with
serious offers. Good, literal dotcom domains are getting
increasingly difficult to find. I am also entertaining offers for
ResellerProducts.com and CoolToolAwards.com (with content).

I'm not going out of business, but simply want to consolidate
my holdings and manage a smaller amount of web sites.

Until next time,


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