Thursday, November 11, 2010

Magic, Cool Tools, HTML 101 and Loss Leaders

Good afternoon, friends. I hope this day finds you smiling and
productive. Surprisingly, the weather has warmed here in Tulsa
and feels more like early Spring than Fall. It's a pleasant
change from prior years.

As stated last week, "Steve the Sleeve and The Kid" have joined
the cast of the Spotlight Theater, and it looks like the first
performance will be in mid-December. We're very excited to have
this opportunity to showcase our act and make people laugh.

Last week I shared info about a new graphics pack called Premium
Headers Pack, Version 2 which you can use to enhance the graphics
of your web site. The link to that review is here in case it
slipped by you last time:

This week I wanted to share another product that crossed my desk
which I think many will find helpful. I know from
communicating with many of you that not everyone is comfortable
with HTML -- the code that is used to build a web site. While I
don't think everyone needs to be an HTML expert, it is probably
in your best interests to be conversant with the basics so you
can speak to designers and consultants with a shared
understanding. Otherwise, it sounds like Greek and leaves you
wondering what you are paying for!

Here's HTML 101, a new video course of 14 videos which take you
through the paces of HTML basics. It's not enough to make your
head spin, but contains just enough info to make you dangerous.
Read all about it here:

Last week I reviewed PDF Editor Pro. After speaking with the
developer, I suggested a new product image for his software would
help make his web page and product more compelling. Check it out
here and let me know what you think:

I design a lot of these covers for authors and developers and
gurus. It's fun, quick work -- usually -- and often leads to
discussions and opportunities about other ways I might be able to
help folks with their online presence. I guess some people would
consider this a "loss leader". What do you use to "lure" people
into giving your services a shot?

For years free consultations were the way to go. I do that, too,
but I think when something is 100% free, people have a hard time
putting a value on your services. So you need to charge something
beyond the initial "how do you do". Test this to see if I am

Until next time,


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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Colonoscopies and Endoscopies and Crystal Lite! Oh my!

Good day to you, and I hope this issue of my newsletter finds you
well and smiling. I have to apologize for my absence the past 2
weeks but I've been greatly distracted with personal and business

On the personal side, I decided that now that I turned 52 I owed
it to my family and myself to go have a colonoscopy and
endoscopy. The prep is worse than the procedures. If someone
could invent a liquid that tasted good, they'd have a fortune on
their hands. Gosh. Even a ton of lemonade flavored Crystal Lite
couldn't make this poison taste good. It's so hard to get down
and you have to drink 2 quarts of it. Trust me. By the time I
started the second quart, I didn't need it anymore.

These tests were important to me for lots of reasons, but chief
among them is because I don't have a lot of good DNA going for me
on my father's side. Lots of real bad stuff there and I have some
of the symptoms. The doctor found a large polyp in my colon and took 5
biopsies which kind of surprised me and quite frankly has
unnerved me while I await the lab test results and analysis.

If you haven't had these tests done yet and are over 50, go
schedule an appointment today. And buy plenty of Crystal Lite!

On the business side, November has started off with a bang but
I'm running around in 20 different directions trying to keep up
with everything: ebook cover designs, site designs and new product
launches, and lots of search engine optimization and copywriting.

I do have some good news to share: starting in December, I will
be joining the cast of "The Olio" a local vaudeville show in
Tulsa's oldest theater. Since 1953 the Spotlight Theater has been
performing "The Drunkard" and "The Olio" to great crowds. Through
a reference at the right time and place, a friend got me an
audition, and they accepted me! I am really looking forward to
performing on a regular monthly basis in a real theater. Wish me
luck! Tulsa clients and friends, please watch your email for an
invitation soon.

I've been applying my marketing skills to my magic business and
have managed to work my way up to page one search results on
Google for the phrase "Tulsa magician". Wasn't really magic, but
if you want some help trying to improve your web site's ranking
and positioning, please contact me for assistance.

Today I want to tell you about a new graphics collection called
Premium Headers Pack, Version 2. Like its predecessor, this
collection of professionally designed and layered header artwork
will empower you to quickly and easily customize your own
graphical headers for your web sites.

I have to tell you, so many of the people who cross my path and
ask for marketing advice fail to include a graphical header on
their web site. These graphics help set the stage, create a
professional look, and help to visually explain the nature of
your web site to your visitors. You need it. But you don't need
to spend $100.00 with a graphics designer anymore. Just purchase
this collection for $27.00 and customize them yourself with a
free copy of GIMP (a freeware clone of PhotoShop). Here's the

I also want to remind you about our new service creating animated
"flip books" like this one:

If you want to add some pizazz to your site, we can transform an
existing paper brochure to an animated interactive web brochure
or create one from scratch. Call me!

Until next time,


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