Thursday, February 15, 2007

Opportunities Are Everywhere If You Know Where To Look For Them

You need to be receptive to ideas from those around you who may not know as much as you do about marketing. I was recently contacted by my mortgage broker. I have used him for over 10 years to finance two homes and several consolidation loans. He's a great guy, very successful, but he does not understand all the ways the Net can be used. So we had lunch last week, and he presented me with an opportunity to generate leads for him. At first I was not interested because I am not a telemarketer and hate direct sales.

But when I explained the concept of online lead generation through squeeze pages, autoresponders, and newsletters, he became very interested. The next day I launched two squeeze page sites to help generate more leads for him:

In the weeks ahead I will try to push these sites to the top of the search engines for the phrase "best Tulsa mortgage" and "best Tulsa loans". I'm doing this for nothing up-front to put my skills to the test, and for a lucrative backend commission structure. If it doesn't generate anything, no harm done since I am always trying to learn from my mistakes, but if does generate even one lead that turns into business, then the few hours I put into creating these squeeze pages will be well worth it.

So be open to sharing your marketing knowledge with others. You never know what will develop.