Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy Ugh New Year!

Dear Steven,

Well, I must apologize for being out of contact for the past few
weeks. The New Year did not start off well for my family.
Between the four of us, my wife had surgery, my daughter sprained
her knee at pom, and my son and I were rear-ended in a collision
a few weeks ago. Net result is lots of aches and pains all
around. Hopefully, healing is around the corner for all of us.

Business has been brisk and encouraged me to actually do some
additional marketing of my services. I am trying to extend my
strategic partnerships. First, I am approaching ebook artists and
encouraging them to offer my copy-writing services to their
customers. Next, I am contacting all local web design firms who
do not presently provide sales copy or content to work with me to
better serve their clients. And lastly, I am contacting all major
catering facilities to offer strolling magic to their corporate
clients. So far, I am beginning to get some positive responses,
so I am excited.

There's a lot to be said for establishing strategic partnerships.
Of course, both sides need to win in these types of
relationships, and this is why they so often fail. Usually,
business leads flow only one way. You need to pick your partners
carefully and grow the relationships over time. By giving my
competitors ways to add value to their existing services and
create additional revenue, we both win. By giving catering
facilities the ability to add value beyond their facilities by
offering entertainment during cocktail hours, they, too, win. If
you haven't explored strategic relationships, now may be the time
to do so.

The Cool Tool Awards web site has been updated with some new
product and service reviews which may be of interest to those of
you seeking to know more about online publishing options through
Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The latest reviews may always be
found here:

I have recently done a bunch of new client ebook designs and
sales letters. For some reason, I seem to attract those clients
in the health and exercise niche. I've lost count with how many
of these types of clients I have worked with over the past few
years. If you have a health product and need help, drop me a
line. I've written about diets, exercises and supplements among
other products and services.

I've come across a number of interesting new services lately. One
of them is If you have a need to survey
clients, this has a free membership with some limitations of
features, but in most cases I bet you can work with the free
version. It is easy to use and has been very helpful to me and my
clients. Another one I like is This is a service
for making slide presentations and it also has a free membership
with limited features. Here, too, you should be able to work fine
as is, but the paid features are very cool. With this service you
can create PowerPoint presentations online, share them, and
gather analytics on how long people spend on each slide or even
interact with them with embedded forms and surveys. It's easy to
use and packs a marketing punch. Highly recommended.

Well, I just wanted to let you all know I am alive and breathing,
and the family and I are doing better with each passing day
thanks to the support of friends like you. As always, should you
or someone you know need assistance with their marketing, please
do drop me a line at

All my best,


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