Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life, The Universe & Passive Income

Happy Saturday, dear friends. Been awhile since I've written and
so much has transpired since my last newsletter. The new job is
coming along just fine. I do a bit of traveling, but the family
and I are managing. Working for a large corporation is so much
different than working for yourself, but there are pros and cons.
Of course, it is great to be collecting a paycheck every two
weeks and have affordable healthcare. The flip side are the days
are longer and the miles traveled feel longer, too.

Simple things always seem to be much harder in a larger company,
and difficult things seem easier. Need office supplies? Oh, that
requires a form, ten signatures and weeks to fulfill. Need to
travel or rent a car? No problem. All that said, it's good to be
back at work in a large company, and I'm having fun doing what I
do best -- talk about the benefits of technology and visit with
folks from all walks of life.

Being on the road a lot, I have a lot of quiet time which gives
me time to spend with God and be contemplative about my day. More
than ever before, I make sure I start the day with an attitude of
gratitude for the day past, and express my thoughts and concerns
for what lies ahead. It's funny, but I think I can always find
something or someone to be grateful for, even when I am in the
worst of moods.


My 15 year old daughter and I spent some time talking about her
getting a part time job this summer. While I want her to work her
way up from the bottom, kids today have incredible earning
potential that I never had growing up. I started working early
and by the time I was in college, I had three part-time jobs. I
had to find a way to balance my academic, work and play time. It
was a huge challenge.

My daughter starting earning money when she was in 4th grade. She
is very artistic and started her own line of clay miniatures. We
knew she had something when she sold out at her 4th grade craft
fair. The kid pocketed $200.00 in an hour! We designed a web site
and promoted it, and she generated a few hundred dollars more,
sending her little clay creations all over the world.

Now her interests have changed to all things Japanese. It seems
Japanese pop culture has infiltrated our schools, through
fashion, anime, manga and cosplay. She loves to watch Japanese
cartoons and animated movies and dress up as their characters. She
has also started voice acting by making friends with animators
through social media, and soon her voice and singing will be
appearing in a bunch of YouTube videos. And she's only 15 and
using only a tenth of her natural talent and brain power. Now she
needs to learn how to monetize this stuff, and that's where Daddy
comes in.

The way I look at she has about 7-10 years of high school and
college ahead of her. If she can create a few focused web sites,
update and promote them regularly, and monetize them through
affiliate products and creative services, the kid should be
making a full-time living by the time she graduates. She could
put herself through school and live comfortably, too. And a lot
of it, if done correctly, could be passive income.

My son loves zombies and war gaming on his Xbox 360. He also loves
Legos and AirSoft guns. He, too, at age 12, has a huge
opportunity to transform his passions into cash, if he starts
soon and lays down a simple foundation of web sites, affiliate
programs, and perhaps even creates some of his own unique niche
products. If he plays his cards right, he could make even more
money than his sister because time is on his side.

What are you doing to increase your passive income. With the
retirement age always changing, and the job market always in a state
of flux, you need to do SOMETHING before you are left with
NOTHING. If you are like a lot of Net Savvy folks, you have
probably purchased your fair share of reseller products or
products with private license rights. You can make money with
these if you know what you are doing. The problem is most people
never resell what they purchased.

Whether it is because they don't know how to launch a web site,
find a web host, buy a domain, FTP files, add PayPal buttons, set
up a download page, or promote their offering ... they let STUFF
get in the way of their success. Look, it is not hard. It
requires time or money. Time is cheap if you are willing to
invest it. A few hours here and there can translate into sales.
If you have money, then you can afford to pay someone to do these
simple tasks for you. So no excuses. Make a plan. Implement the
plan. Tweak the plan. Reap the benefits.

If you have a ton of digital products with either reseller or
private license rights, have a Special Offer or Fire Sale.
Create a site to sell everything in one huge discounted bundle.
It's a great way to make a bunch of money quickly. Here's a
product that can help you do this quickly and easily:

This will save you time and money and help you to launch a super
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Last Monday I had the good fortune to be a speaker at a local
entrepreneurial program offered through Tulsa Community College.
It's been up and running for a few years now, has helped shepherd
many people through the start-up process, and created wealth and
new jobs to stimulate the local economy. I met several new folks
and saw many old faces, too.

One of the participants has been struggling with the design and
launch of a video membership site to help distribute her product.
This is a no-brainier with products like Easy Member Pro. With
this simple but powerful membership software, you can install a
new membership site on your web host in less than 10 minutes. You
can change the look and feel, add custom graphics, and start
uploading products or videos, integrate it with PayPal and start
promoting in no time at all.

As an example, I created as part of a new
membership site I am developing to help bartenders get more tips
by showing patrons simple magic tricks. If you visit the domain
you will see the framework for the membership site. All I did was
upload the script to my web host, click the install link, add
some custom graphics and sales copy and I was done with the
customer facing side in a few minutes. As I prepare the videos
for the site, I can add them to the back end quite easily. PayPal
is already integrated for monthly subscriptions, so managing all
that stuff is hands off. And products can be dripped at any
frequency I choose.

The best thing about this software is that it can be used on as
many sites as you want. Buy it once; use it a million times.
Support is excellent, too. Answers to your questions are only a
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Well, that's enough for now. I'll speak to you again soon.

All my best,