Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Easy Affiliate Pages and CPanel Tutorials

I hope this final email of the year finds you and your family
well. May the year ahead be full of blessings including health,
wealth and peace of mind.

Over the years, two of the most frequent questions I hear are:

1. What can an affiliate program do for my product or service and
how do I start my own affiliate program?

2. How do I host my own web site once I find a domain that I

I'm going to try to respond to both of these questions within
this email, but if I lose you anywhere, please feel free to reach
out to me via email or phone at 918-810-5233.

Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is another name for referral marketing.
That's really the age old way most of us sell -- through
referrals from other happy customers. A happy customer will tell
a friend or colleague about the excellent product or service you
provided, and through that introduction you receive a new client.
It's really about word-of-mouth advertising. Passing the good
word along to others.

The difference with affiliate marketing is that you pay people
for their referrals if their referral evolves into a sale. Your
affiliates pass the good word along on their web sites, in their
blogs, through social marketing, or in their emails. They include
a link to your site and when someone clicks that link, it flags
the referral with their assigned referral code. This allows you
to pay them for the referral if it turns into a sale. Got that?

Now the huge benefit to implementing an affiliate program for
your product or service is that it is like having hundreds of
thousands of virtual salesman out there working for you 24 x 7.
And they don't get paid unless they make a sale. It's cheap
labor. It's a way to get feet out on the virtual street to shout
out the benefits of your product or service.

For example, when I started my online publishing service,
EbookoMatic.com, back in 1999, it was just me trying to reach
hundreds of thousands of authors world-wide. It was tough. But
once I implemented an affiliate program, I was able to multiply
myself. In fact, within the first year, I had over 500 affiliates
world-wide promoting my online publishing service. Over 23% of my
revenue was generated by these affiliates. This was passive
revenue. Sales were made while I slept. You can see how this can
sky rocket your revenues when done correctly.

Starting an affiliate program is as easy as getting a Clickbank
account for $49.95. Once you are approved, you can begin
promoting your affiliate program to visitors to your site.
Another good idea is to promote your program through affiliate
program directories where you can describe your opportunity and
recruit new affiliates. You decide how much of a commission you
want to pay -- a set price or a percentage of sales. Clickbank
manages the affiliate sign-up and payment processes making this a
truly turnkey and hands-off procedure for you.

Now here is a warning: you need to set your affiliates up with
everything they need to be successful. If they don't make money,
you don't make money. So you need to provide them with graphical
banners for their web pages, email messages to send out to their
lists or post to their blogs, and anything else you can think of
to make their lives easier and to encourage them to focus more
energy on promoting your product or service.

Many affiliate programs fall apart here. They simply encourage
people to sign up to become an affiliate and then they do not
provide their affiliates with any of the tools they require to be
successful. This is where I can help you. I can design your ebook
covers or product images, I can create your banner ads, and I can
write your email series or articles.

I also strongly recommend you implement a solution called Easy
Affiliate Pages:


Let me know if you have further questions ...

Hosting 101

After you secure a memorable domain name -- and do make sure it
is easy to remember and type -- you need to host your web site
somewhere. A host is a place where your store your web site. One of
the easiest to use and best hosting services is Host Gator:


I am actually in the process of slowly moving all of my 100+
domains from my own server to Host Gator. Why? Well, it's
expensive to maintain your own web server. I lease my server from
Dell for $94.00/month and then pay $152.00/month to my
collocation facility where I lease rack space for my server.
That's almost $250.00/month to run my own server.

In comparison, Host Gator costs around $250.00 for 3 years to
host unlimited domains! That's a savings of about $8750.00 over 3
years! You can see why I like them. Their support is also pretty
good. You can purchase a basic hosting account for around $19.95
a month. It's cheap.

Now once you secure a domain and a Host Gator hosting account,
you need to set your site up. You may need to set up an email
account for your domain. You may need to set up a Wordpress blog
or MYSQL database or backup your web site and data.

All of this is done through an interface known as CPanel. The
first time you see CPanel, you think "Uh-oh, what did I get
myself into!" It can be daunting, but I found a series of
excellent video tutorials that walk you through everything you
need to know:


This is top notch and also comes with a bunch of terrific bonus
marketing tools and master reseller rights so you can begin
making money right away.

Hosting your own site isn't that difficult. You don't need to be
a rocket scientist and you don't need to pay someone to perform
common and simple tasks. People have paid me as much as
$150.00/hour to set up their hosting and email and frankly this
video series will walk you through the steps quickly and easily.

Well, I hope this info proved helpful. I am still working on my
new ebook which spills the beans about how I generate $25K/year
in passive income and I hope to have it available for sale in

Until next time,


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of Year Reflections

Howdy. My car's in the shop with two blown header gaskets. While
I am waiting for things to be rebuilt and repaired, I find myself
with a lot of extra time on my hands around Christmas. This may
be deliberate or circumstance, but it leaves me with a lot of
time to reflect over the past year.

I've looked over my revenue summary and found that my passive
income is consistent with years past -- about $25K. It's been
like that for a long time. This is income I don't really work at
and which does not have any large expenses associated with it. It
comes largely through affiliate marketing, some reseller
products, and some of my own product sales, but by and large, the
majority comes through referral commissions.

I know a lot of people, especially those who are now in awkward
financial situations, who would kill for this kind of passive
income. It's not a huge amount. It's certainly not the millions
you hear the gurus talking about. But it is a chunk of change
that really helps pay the bills and keeps cash flowing.

So I've decided to release a new ebook about how I do this. I
think you will find it useful and beneficial because it is not
going to involve get-rich-quick schemes or complex tools or a
huge investment. I will keep it simple. More to follow.

As the year comes to an end, I am reviewing how I spent my time
and energy and what level of satisfaction was achieved in each
respective area. I like creating -- writing ebooks, developing
new products -- but I didn't have the chance to create anything
new this year. In fact, other than my new magic web site, I
haven't created anything for myself in years. Instead, I have
been developing sites, covers, and content for others, and while
that does pay the bills, it's not nearly as fulfilling. So next
year I will refocus and begin to tackle that long list of things
marked "to do".

I'm also going to make a concerted effort to perform more for
those who have been forgotten -- those living in retirement homes
or mental health facilities. It is my wish to bring more smiles
to the faces of those who have lost their smiles a long time ago.
I don't know how I am going to fund this effort. I know the need
for this type of ministry is huge, so I'm going to rely on Him to
guide me and show me how to do it. Where there's a will, there is
a way.

I don't know how your year has been, but if it has been like mine
or my clients, then it has been a tough year. Very few survived
this one without taking some hits along the way. It's been a year
of adjustments, and many have been uncomfortable and difficult to
swallow. As a rule, we all welcome change when it brings rewards,
but when it threatens our comfort level and requires us to do
without or change lifestyles then we tend to get angry and

Eventually self-pity and hopelessness find their way into your
life. These are unwelcome guests. They bring along other evils
including sorrow and anxiety. And most of all, a desire to
control the situation.

This is one I've been wrestling with for a long time. Some days I
do better than others. Today I choose not to try to control
things. It must become an unconscious effort. And it must be done
daily. Show me the way, O Lord.

As Christmas nears, I hope you will take some time to reflect on
the past year. Look at what worked and what didn't. Examine your
heart. Welcome change and look for opportunity. And give up
control, one day at a time.

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Establishing More Paths to Your Site

Grrrrrrrrrrrrreetings! We're expecting snow this evening for the
first time in Tulsa, and while they promise it won't stick, you
just never know what to expect around these parts. I've watched 2
inches of snow decimate the city and gotten run off the road by
sliding vehicles. Wish me luck.

Last time I wrote to you, I started discussing the importance of
creating as many alternate paths to your web site as possible
under the belief that the more lines in the water you have, the
easier it is to catch fish.

One of the ways I mentioned to do this included buying alternate
domain names -- variations of your name, company name, product or
service names and redirecting them back to your main web site.

Another way, often overlooked, is to purchase misspelled domain
names. For instance if you were google.com you might also
purchase goggle.com. You get the idea. It's amazing how many
people bypass search engines and simply type in phrases.
Sometimes they are spelled right but often they are spelled
wrong. So locking up some common misspellings could help drive
traffic your way.

Another way to drive traffic is to write and distribute a press
release. You can use PRWeb.com or any number of press release
distribution software tools such as Press Equalizer:


With this tool you simply enter your press release, choose the
sites you want to submit it to, and fire away. Within days you
will begin to see increased traffic -- if and only if your press
release is well written and compelling. For help with that, give
me a jingle at info@schneiderman.net.

Another way to drive traffic is to write and submit free
articles. The more, the merrier. With embedded links back to
your web site, you can build a huge amount of valuable link backs
to your web site and this results in increased awareness,
visibility, and traffic.

Of course, getting the traffic is only half the challenge. What
do you do with them once they get there? What's the action you
require of them to take the next step? Many sites do not include
a call to action: Call for more info, Send us your question,
Contact us for a free consultation, etc.

Too many sites rely on the quality of their products or services
to stimulate visitors to take action. It rarely works that way.
You need to demand them to do something. Be specific. Tell them.

Look at my magic web site here:


The home page sets the tone graphically what to expect and only
includes small excerpts -- quick reads -- about my services and
experience. The visitor is forced to click to read more. So
instead of telling them everything they need to know on page 1, I
force them to spend time on the site to learn more. The deeper
they go, the better.

The site includes a subscription request under the guise of a fan
club. It has a contact form to ask me questions or schedule a
performance. And every page includes a call to action to call me
or email me for more information.

Even the home page uses a corner peel ad technique to cross-sell
magic lessons. This is very easy to implement and you can learn
more about this technique here:


The best action you can get a visitor to take is either to buy
something from you right away or lift the phone and call you;
however, I am a stern believer in getting them to give you their
contact info -- first name and email address are essential. They
may not want to buy from you at the time of their initial visit;
most people like to shop around first to understand their options
before they commit or narrow their list down. But once you have
their contact info, you can keep marketing to them through an
email series and an autoresponder service.

If you would like help integrating an autoresponder into your web
site and need a well written email series of 12 monthly messages
-- enough for a full year -- I would like to offer my services at
a pre-holiday discount of only $279.00. If you have an immediate
need, I urge to act before this Friday. If you feel like this is
too good a deal (and it is, I assure you) but you won't have a
need until next year, buy now and schedule delivery next year --
no problem.

To reserve your space in my calendar and discuss your needs
please call me at 918-810-5233.

Until next time,


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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Establishing Paths to Your Web Site

I hope all is well since my last newsletter. Today's edition
focuses on providing your prospects with paths to your web site.

Many companies spend a large amount of money on their web sites
and then magically expect prospects, leads and revenue to appear.

The truth is that your web site is like a tree growing in the
forest with a lot of other trees. Your job is to help people find
your tree.

Let me give you some real world examples as I have been promoting
my side business as a magician at SophisticatedSorcery.com.

Within a few days of spidering the site, Google had me listed on
page one along with my top competitors through Google Local
Search. If you do not presently have your web site listed through
this free directory service, then you are missing the boat. To
see this in play, search for "Tulsa magician" in Google and then
click on the links at the top of the page for my site.

Google Local Search is like a Yellow Page listing. If you take
care to use the appropriate and competitive keywords and phrases
in your listing as you did on your web site (you did do that,
right?), then you should show up in a place of prominence on page one
like me.

There are many other paths you can choose to lead people to your
web site. For instance, merchantcircle.com and decidio.com are
very popular commercial directories. You can get a basic listing
for free which is fine in most cases. These typically show up on
page one or two of most search results. Usually, for a few
dollars, you can purchase credits to buy leads. Decidio charges a
buck a lead which is a steal.

I should be clear here -- these directory listings are not full
featured web sites. They are merely additional paths to your web
site. You need to include your web site URL in your listing.

Another path that many people fail to use are alternate domain
names. These could be hyphenated versions of your company or
product name. They could be names of your products or generic
categories for your services. In any case, secure a handful of
these domains and redirect them to your web site's home page.

This morning I secured AmazingSteven.com as well as
StevetheSleeve.com -- both are alternate stage names I have been
using in local venues. Some people may never remember my real
name, but they might remember a stage name and search for me by
that name. Just another series of paths to my main web site.

There are many other ways to lead a horse to water. Next time,
we'll look at a few more.

All my best,


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