Friday, June 24, 2011

SEO Made Easy/Mini Site Special Offer

Hope this email finds you well. This week I wanted to share some
thoughts about search engine optimization. It seems all of my
clients want to talk about this topic, and I've been busy doing
presentations left and right. As a result, I've developed a kick
butt SEO presentation which is now developing into an ebook
focused around online promotion through SEO and other means.

In the past week I have been contacted by two different prospects
as a result of SEO. I must tell you my approach to SEO is very
different than most marketing consultants. Most folks spend an
inordinate amount of time and money on the process. I suppose
that can produce some extraordinary results. But it takes a lot
of time and usually a lot of money on a continued basis.

My approach is ultra simplistic, requires a little upfront
investment in time and very little money ... but I digress. Let
me explain.

In online marketing, I believe there are two different ways to
generate traffic: pushing people through organic search results
(search engine optimization) and pulling people to your site
through third-party sites. To be effective in your online
marketing you must use a combination of push and pull tactics.

Let's look at some examples:

One prospect found me when he was looking for a copywriter in
Tulsa. He used the search term "Tulsa copywriter" and I popped up
in second position on page one. That's pretty good for a local
search position.

He then expanded his search for the broader term "copywriter". I
showed up in page one, 4th position. That's not local -- that's worldwide.

How did I accomplish this?

- Using competitive keywords and phrases in my keyword,
description and title META tags
- Using competitive keywords and phrases in my H1 heading tag
- Providing relevant sales copy
- Linking to the site from other sites I own
- Running a $50 Facebook campaign to drive traffic for 6 weeks

As I have said before, none of this is rocket science. But for a
few hours of my time and $50 I displaced competitors much larger
me, and I seem to be sustaining my position very well without
lifting a finger. And more leads keep coming in.

Another prospect reached out to me this week when he searched for
"best marketing companies in Tulsa". I showed up once again on
page one in the 7th position.

Both of these "hits" by prospects were to the same site: I created this single page mini
site several years ago and haven't touched it since, but it has
risen up through the ranks on its own and continues to generate
leads for me every month.

This is how the web is supposed to work. It's supposed to be a
relatively auto-pilot lead generator when you do it right. Are
you doing it right? Are you getting the same type of results as I
am? Do you need my help?

Here's an experiment for you:

Spend $50 on a Facebook ad. Make sure you know the demographic of
your target audience very well. Write a good headline and ad. Not
easy with the limited amount of characters provided. I know a
good copywriter who can help ;)

Make sure whatever web page you send people to is written in
response to the ad you use on Facebook. To do this right, you
need a landing page that thanks them for coming to your site for
more info, collects their first name and email address so you can
contact them and continue to market to them, and that has a
single and very clear call to action.

This exercise may not generate any leads for you.

But if you are successful in driving traffic to your site, you
may see an added benefit. Google likes sites that are popular and
pushes them up the ladder. So if you get some sustained improved
traffic, your search engine position stands a good chance of
moving up and staying up for a while.

Is this really possible? It's been my experience that it has
worked over and over again.

I've watched my other sites rise with just a little advertising

Hey, look, I am sensitive to everybody's tight purse strings. So
I have put together a little marketing package. Here's what you
will receive from me:

- A product image design (ebook cover, software box, etc)
- A matching mini site design (header, footer, buy button, page
template, etc)
- A sales letter
- A 12 message email series
- Integration with PayPal or Clickbank
- Integration with GetResponse or aWeber
- A thank you/download page
- A press release
- An article
- 3 banner ads

Your cost $1500.00 payable in three monthly installments of only
$500.00 each. This is a great deal at a very low cost. I'm
willing to do 10 of these for my subscribers only. First 10 need
to send me their deposit for $500.00 along with relevant info by
end of June. If I hit 10 before that, I will refund your money.
Send your deposit to If you want me to
send you an invoice, email me.

Stay cool,


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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Truth About Passive Revenue/Introducing Marketing Insurance Policies

Good afternoon and I hope life and business have been going well
for you since my last newsletter. My kids are out of school, and
we're busy taking my daughter to JV Pom practice this month, my
son to tennis lessons, and just trying to stay cool in this 90+
degree heat and humidity. I remember how I prayed for Spring
during the ice storms earlier in this year, but we seemed to skip
a season here in Tulsa.

I've been busy developing new products for my reseller membership
site, and we have about the first 6 months in the can including
some terrific new ebook titles on topics such as SEO, ebook cover
design and common online business mistakes.

New software titles include a JPG Keyword Stuffing tool, an
"invisible banner maker" and some other cool stuff we have in the

If you haven't checked out the new reseller membership site yet,
this is a good time to visit the site to learn more and consider
joining at the low introductory rate of only $47.00/month. For
that low monthly membership fee, we guarantee one new digital product with reseller rights every 30 days. Each product comes packaged with a mini site, sales letter, and promotional tools including banners, emails, articles and more.

Can you make money with reseller rights products? You betcha. I
belong to another reseller membership site called Graphics Club
Monthly. Been a member for two years. Each month I pay $57.00 in
membership fees and receive a new graphics product to resell at
an average price of $27.00. In 2010, I generated over $1400.00 in
sales of these products. In 2011, I will probably generate double
that. Remember, this is passive income. I just setup the mini
site, PayPal enable it, and let it go. I'll take an extra
$2800.00 any year! Especially in this economy. Every little bit
helps. You can learn more about that membership site here:

Now the really good part about MY membership site is that it has
a built-in "members only" affiliate program that pays 50% monthly
commissions on your referrals of new members. So if you get two
other people to sign up, your membership is virtually free for as
along as they remain members.

Great products - lucrative passive income - incredible support -
and a cool affiliate program. Go visit the site at:

OK, before I leave you, I want to tell you about a new service I
have just launched. It's a soft launch so you are the first
people to learn about it. After much discussion with several
clients and subscribers, I have decided to dramatically reduce my
hourly billable rates and sell small annual marketing insurance

Think about all the times a project has blown up on you. Your
ebook cover didn't come out as good as you hoped. Your sales
letter lacks punch. You can't think of a good email series.
You're having trouble generating traffic. You need help - now -
at a low cost. Who do you turn to?

This is going to be a VERY limited service. Obviously, at these
guaranteed low hourly rates, I can't help everybody. In fact, if
response is too high, I will most likely be forced to raise the

For as little as 99 cents a day -- pennies -- you can guarantee
yourself professional marketing services on demand. Go check
it out before the offering closes.

Until next time,