Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing & Reseller Products

I hope this email finds you and yours well, and that you are
having a splendid and blessed day. A recent email from a
subscriber asked me if affiliate marketing and reseller products
are still a viable way to make money online. The answer is most
assuredly "Yes" but you need to approach it realistically and as a
real business. Let me explain.

The best way to get into affiliate marketing is to find a
product that you need for yourself and see if it has an affiliate
program. Even if it doesn't, you may be able to approach the
creator of the product and work out a referral agreement.

Notice that I said find a product you like. I did not say follow
the pack and promote the same old thing to the same old crowd.
That will not work effectively long-term unless you change up
your marketing approach to differentiate your promotional message
from the next guy's.

I also strongly recommend that you purchase the product yourself
to make sure it is as good as it is advertised to be. Then and
only then will your referral be heart felt and genuine. And
that's critical to attract prospects and convert them to sales.

Most affiliate programs come with canned emails you can send out
to your lists. It is my experience that this does not usually
work well if there are hundreds of affiliates sending out the
same message to the same people as you are. I would bet that your
subscribers subscribe to many of the same lists, so this means
they will get hammered with the same promotional messages. The
only one who wins is the super-affiliate who gets the message out
there first.

So finding a good product that fills a need and buying it are
tantamount to your long-term success as an affiliate marketer.
You can't tell people who great a product is if you haven't used
it yourself.

This is the same advice for reseller products. Buy the product
first, then promote it.

Now with regards to reseller products, experience has proven my
investment always pays for itself in multiples of what the
original resale rights cost. So I purchase a product for $27.00,
you can bet your bippy (anyone remember the old TV series
Laugh-In?) that I will make back my $27.00 investment many times.

Will you get rich through affiliate and reseller marketing? That
depends upon many different things including the quality of the
product, how well you promote it with your well-written review,
how many others are promoting it with canned promotional text,
the price, the commission, etc.

Another thing you need to be wary of is the level of support
provided by the product creator after the sale. Typically, most
product creators do an adequate job of promoting their product or
service, but it has been just the opposite for me with reseller
products. Many times I have found myself on my own, having to
help a buyer find and contact the product creator for assistance.
So you do need to do your homework. Know the track record of the
person you are doing business with. Failure to do so may find you
having to refund many reseller product sales.

I first got started during the 1990's with affiliate marketing by
promoting products from Corey Rudl, Marlon Sanders and Mark
Joyner. I remember the thrill I got when I received my first
check for $60.00. I had no clue what it was for, when the sale
was made, which product ... but it was manna from heaven. True
passive revenue. There's nothing else like it.

Of course, you can't survive on $60.00 checks unless you are
receiving a lot of them every single day. Your own mileage may
vary, as they say, based upon your monthly nut and what you need
to live on. I would bet that most people who participate in
affiliate or reseller product marketing make very little money at

In the early days of Internet marketing, it was not unusual to
find banner farms -- sites set up with nothing but affiliate
banners. This approach worked for very few for a very short time.
Now content is king, and your sites won't make many sales if you
don't have compelling content related to the products you are
promoting. That's why product review sites are best. The web site reviews affiliate and reseller products
every month and makes money for me while I sleep. It receives
over 2,000,000 unique visitors a year, generates tons of
subscribers, and many commissions each month. You can learn my
secrets to creating a review site here:

My earliest success was working with Armand Morin. Starting out
small, he released eCover Generator to the market about 10 years
ago. I was developing a similar product, but opted to pull mine
from the marketplace in favor of promoting his product instead. It
was more profitable for me to earn $33.95 on every sale of his
product than it was for me to complete development of my own

Since then I have beta tested many of his tools and he even uses
some of my endorsements on his sites. He's come a long way since
those early days and is now a multi-millionaire. So here is the
other side of the affiliate marketing coin.

If you have a product or service of your own, affiliate
marketing can make you very wealthy by developing your own army
of super-affiliates. There are a select few product creators out
there who can release a product and in one day make a million
dollars as a result of their close ring of super-affiliates.
Often these product creators don't even promote their own
product. They simply turn it over to the expert affiliate
marketers and let them send the promotion out to their respective
lists. This has changed people's lives.

Back when I first launched, I shopped for
affiliates to help me promote my instant ebook publishing
service. After a year, I had around 350 affiliates world-wide,
highly targeted and generating about 23% of my sales. That was an
enormous push for me, not just for sales, but because I had 350
sites promoting my service with invaluable back-links to The search engines loved my site.

So, yes, Virginia, affiliate marketing and reselling other
people's products can be a very lucrative way to generate
supplementary income, but very few people I have met generate
enough to live on comfortably. Ultimately you need to manage your
affiliate marketing efforts carefully and critically, and make
sure you are focusing your energy and talent on the products
capable of generating the most money for you.

Several years ago I decided I needed a better system for
managing my own affiliate marketing efforts. I created My Affiliate
Marketing Manager. Click the link below to see how it can help
you with your efforts:

Until next time,

Steven Schneiderman

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Mini Site Templates and Kapersky Internet Security

Hope this email finds you well on this wonderful
Tuesday afternoon. Today I am writing to you to
share reviews on two tools that recently crossed
my desk and saved me time and money. Perhaps these
can do the same for you.

The first is Best Mini Site Templates. Long-term
subscribers know I specialize in the development
of mini sites including the web site itself, the
accompany product shots for ebooks or software
boxes or CDs, and the sales copy. I may be the
only guy on the Net who does all three of these
things. One stop shopping.

Anyway, I'm working on these projects more and
more for displaced workers or "people in
transition" who are trying to make the jump from being
unemployed to being self-employed. To keep costs
down and to be able to turn these types of
projects around in an often aggressive time-line,
I've taken to starting with web page templates and
then customizing the look and feel accordingly.

Best Mini Site Templates is a great collection of
web site templates for mini sites. They not only
come with coordinated headers and footers, but
also with supporting graphical elements, and in
three versions for HTML. $7 script amd RAP
scripts. It's quite a collection and with the ability
to customize the PSD files, you can create virtually an
unlimited number of incredible looking sites.
Samples and full review are here:

The other product I want to tell you about is
called Kapersky. I recently clicked on something I
shouldn't have, and it subsequently hijacked my browser
making web searches virtually impossible. I tried
in vein to remove it myself, and then spent a
fortune with an expert who also could not remove
it. They told me I had to reformat the drive and
reload the operating system. Over my dead body.

Another friend heard of my issue and recommended
Kapersky. I won't go into all the details here,
but it found the culprit and vanquished it in no
time at all. Full review here and, baby, it is
worth every penny. Check it out here:

Need a mini site and don't want to do it
yourself? Contact me for a quick quote. I can
provide the overall design, the ebook cover, the
site copy, and the follow-up email series. Let me
help you make more money.

All my best,


Friday, August 14, 2009

Back from Vacation

Happy Friday! Thank the Lord the end of the week
has arrived. I need a break. How about you? Having
just returned from a vacation to Washington, D.C.
and a horrific car ride to and from, I am now
ready to have some fun. Kids started school this
week, both in new school campuses, so lots of
excitement in the air.

Last time I wrote, I mentioned that I would have
some new tools to tell you about. Most of you
long-term subscribers know that I am a sucker for
cool graphics tools. I'm no artist but I look like
one because I have the right tools and know
how to use them to achieve the desired results for
my clients. Well, Max Rylski has released yet
another in his series of such tools called Killer Text 3.

Like previous editions of the same tool, Killer
Text 3 enables you to quickly and easily transform
plain text into killer text that practically leaps
off the page.

So what does this mean to you? It means your web
site graphics or ebook covers or even your print
ads can now be transformed into astonishing works
of art in seconds. You don't need to be a graphics
or software genius. You do need a copy of either
PhotoShop (7, CS, CS2 or CS3) or PhotoShop
Elements (which is around a $100 and a worthy
investment if you intend on selling anything
online long-term).

Anyway, with Killer Text 3 you simply load the
fonts and styles onto your PC and start typing.
Pick a killer font, a killer style and a killer
action, and you will be amazed by what you can
create. Learn more and see examples here:

Before I left on vacation, I also told you about
Easy Video Producer which is a free service that
enables you to record and create video messages
and video squeeze pages using a wizard that steps
you through the process in minutes. I can't
believe this guy is not charging for the basic
service. I see about 80 of you have already signed
up, but that means about 2400 of you have not
signed up.

Again, if you have a web site of your own or are
intending to create one some time soon, please
visit this link to get your account. There's no
catch and you will thank me for this later.

Another reason to join this service and then
become an affiliate is to build your marketing
list. Over the past month I have added a 100
people to my mailing list for nothing!

I'll have some additional tools of interest to
share with you in the next issue.

I recently completed some additional graphics
projects for Graham Moore including a collection
of report covers and CDs. You can see these
samples here:

If you need some new graphics for your web site
or products, please drop me a line. I can usually
turn projects around fairly quickly and at prices
starting at $29.995-$49.95, you'll be hard pressed
to find this level of quality and experience at a
lower price.

I receive many emails each week about people
looking for low-cost solutions for web design.
Most of the time folks think they want and need a
full-fledged web site with all sorts of bells and
whistles when they really need a simpler, one page
design focused on selling and promoting a single
product or service.

These mini sites are a more economical approach
to online marketing, especially for people on a
budget and not willing to take chances on a more
significant investment. They can usually be done
for a few hundred dollars including the actual web
page template, graphical header and footer,
product shots and supporting images.

I'm currently working on several such products.
Some include short sales pitches and email series
to help sell the product and build a mailing list.
If you are in need of such services, I can either
write these for you, or if you prefer, I can
mentor you through the process at a lower price --
your choice.

Drop me a line and let me know what you are
working on. Happy to help where I can.

All my best,