Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Importance of Cross Linking and Back Linking

Glory be, does it have to snow again? Just as the last vestiges
of last week's 12 inches of snow melt outside my window, we're
getting ready to be hit again for another whopping 12 inches of
snow -- maybe more. As if shoveling all of this snow off my
driveway and paths isn't enough work, I have also fallen victim
to severe ice damming and my son's bedroom ceiling is slowly
falling down. Not happy.

Being house bound for the better part of two weeks has given me
some time to reflect on last year's performance and to strategize
a bit for this year. It's already February and the 1099's are
starting to appear in the mail reminding me where I spent my time
and how I earned my money.

I'm always tickled by smaller 1099's that show how much I earned
promoting certain products and services through their affiliate
programs. That's the passive revenue that fell to my bottom line,
saving my butt on slow months and was the icing on the cake on
good months. Sometimes those checks made the difference between
making my monthly payments and buying a present for my kids.

As I reveal in my ebook, Rocket Science Revealed, one of the keys
to generating affiliate income is to create a review site. This
is easier to do these days then it was when I first got started.
With the availability of free blogs, Wordpress and other site
creation and publishing tools, you need a pretty good excuse not
to have a site of your own.

But merely publishing product reviews with affiliate links is no
guarantee of success. One of the things I learned by accident was
the importance of links to your review pages. I started off
designing my web sites back in the 1990s with Microsoft
Frontpage. One of the features of this tool is called shared
borders where you can place textual navigation. So if you had 100
different pages in your web site, and you implemented shared
borders with textual navigation, you would have 100 pages all
cross-linked to each other. And this helps tremendously with web
page ranking.

Some will argue this is meaningless, but I've had experts look at
CoolToolAwards.com. At one time the site received over 2,000,000
unique visitors a year, making it rank around 40,000 on Alexa. I
didn't do any advertising or promotion either. It just happened.

I decided to test the theory by categorizing the content on
CoolToolAwards.com and creating some sub-sites around specific
niches including GraphicsAssistance.com which just has product
reviews about graphics tools. Now many will tell you that
duplicate content will get you penalized by Google, among others
search engines. If that's the case, I've never experienced it.
The content on GraphicsAssistance.com is lifted directly from
CoolToolAwards.com. And it also appears on
WebDesignAssistance.com and EbookCoverCreator.com, too.

Together the reviews that appear on these four sites frequently
rank high on page one for their respective product names. Let me
give you some examples. This page lists all of the reviews
available on the web site:


If you scroll to the bottom of individual review pages, you'll
see the textual navigation which cross-links dozens or even
hundreds of pages on the site.

Let's pick a recent review for Easy 3D Icon Maker. Search for it
in Google and you'll find the review on CoolToolAwards.com
appears in the #3 position on the first page search results. This
is a product of Max Rylski who promotes it through his own site
GraphicsClubMonthly.com -- which by the way appears at the bottom
of the search results below my site's listing.

Let's look at PSD Blowout. It shows up in 6th position on the
first page of search results for its respective product name.
Look for Easy Affiliate Pages -- it shows up in 5th position on
the first page of search results. I could go on and on.

So lesson to be learned here is the importance of cross links and
back links.

You can learn a lot more by checking out my ebook here:


If you start implementing some of my proven page ranking
strategies today, you could begin to see results pretty quickly.
CoolToolAwards.com reviews are so popular that they typically
appear in a prominent spot on page one search results within 72
hours of publishing them. And they retain their position for a
long time. Don't believe me? Check out the product "ecover

This product and review are nearly 10 years old. The link to my review
appears in the 4th position on page one search results. 10 years.
Not an insignificant accomplishment.

Go grab your copy of Rocket Science Revealed right now:


Until next time,


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